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THE 34-TON BAT: The Story of Baseball As Told Through Bobbleheads, Cracker Jacks, Jock Straps, Eye Black and 375 Other Strange & Unforgettable Objects

The 34-TON BAT

"The subtitle is like some strange, enticing tin toy gleaming in a tinker's window, Rushin being the ultimate tinkerer with language. And the book indeed proves to be the ultimate toy shop for baseball fans."- David Vecsey, The New York Times


This unorthodox history of baseball is the enthralling story of its objects—beer cups, catcher’s mitts, ballpark organs, stadium urinals—and the characters who spawned them. From an immigrant named Foulproof Taylor, who tried to sell America his protective cup and  batting helmet, to the Dodgers’ novelty king Danny Goodman, who introduced the bobblehead doll to baseball, the story of the game is in many ways the story of America. As the Wall Street Journal noted, The 34-Ton Bat “will give even the most knowledgeable fan a new understanding of the game and of those who have played it.”


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The Pint Man: A Novel

The Pint Man: a Novel

"Clever, bracing and full of laughs. Steve Rushin proves to be a master juggler of words, a mischievous crossword-puzzler run amok"- Carl Hiaasen

For Rodney Poole, a friendly and unassuming lover of clever wordplay and television sports of all stripes, Boyle's Irish Pub is a haven of good cheer, pleasantly pointless conversation, elaborate jokes, heated trivia contests, well-poured pints, and familiar faces. The pressures and demands of the outside world hold no sway there- the crowd at Boyle's is his family, and with family all sins are forgiven.

But reality cannot be kept at bay forever, and now Rodney's best friend and partner in inertia, Keith, is getting married and moving to Chicago. Since Rodney has for the most part enjoyed his bachelorhood vicariously through Keith, the prospect of being single, middle-aged, unemployed, and without his pal to while away the nights with is causing Rodney to rethink—or rather, create—his priorities.

When Keith introduces him to the lovely Mairead (rhymes with parade), a cheerful career woman who seems to enjoy his bad puns, ambitionless nature, and love of literature, Rodney can spy an honorable path to grown-up-hood at last. But a series of comic mishaps jeopardize his budding relationship with Mairead, his friendship with Keith, and most serious of all, his place on a barstool in the idyllic world of Boyle's. Buy "A Pint Man: A Novel" at Amazon.

The Caddie Was a Reindeer: And Other Tales of Extreme Recreation

The Caddie Was a Reindeer

"If you don't end up dropping The Caddie Was a Reindeer during fits of uncontrolled merriment, it is likely you need immediate medical attention." - Denver Post

Steve Rushin, a four-time finalist for the National Magazine Award, has been hailed as one of the best sportswriters in America. InThe Caddie Was a Reindeer he circumnavigates the globe in pursuit of extreme recreation. In the Arctic Circle, he meets ice golfers. In Minnesota, he watches the National Amputee Golf Tournament, where one participant tells him, “I literally have one foot in the grave.” Along the way, Rushin meets fellow travelers like Joe Cahn, a professional tailgater who confesses aboard the RV in which he lives: “It’s wonderful to see America from your bathroom.” And even Rushin has logged fewer miles in pursuit of extreme recreation than Rich Rodriguez, a marathon roller-coaster rider who makes endless loops for entire summers on coasters around the world.The Caddie Was a Reindeer is a ride to everywhere: to south London (where Rushin downs pints with the King of Darts), to the Champs-Elysees (where the author indulges in “excessive nightclubbing” with World Cup soccer stars), and to Japan (where Rushin eats soba noodles with the world champion of competitive eating). Enlightening, hilarious, and unexpectedly heartwarming, this collection is not a body of work: it’s a body of play. Buy "The Caddie Was a Reindeer" at Amazon.

Road Swing: One Fan's Journey Into The Soul Of American Sports

Road Swing by Steve Rushin

"A riotous read." - Esquire

In this alternately hilarious and insightful account, named a Best Book of 1998 by Publishers Weekly, Sports Illustrated writer Steve Rushin uses the lens of sports to come to a deeper understanding of America.

On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, Steve Rushin decided to revisit the twin pursuits of his youth: epic car trips and an unhealthy obsession with sports. So he jumped into his fully alarmed Japanese S.U.V. and drove to American sports shrines for a year, everywhere from Larry Bird's boyhood home in French Lick, Indiana, to the cornfield just outside of Dyersville, Iowa, where Field of Dreams was filmed. Now in paperback, Road Swing is the story of his journey.
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Steve’s work is featured in two new books. He contributed a chapter to Damn Yankees (April 2013 from Ecco) and wrote the introduction to Fenway: A Fascinating First Century (March 2013 from Sports Illustrated Books).



What sets the work apart is Rodney's sharp wit…Rushin emerges as one of the sharpest wits on the scene."--Publishers Weekly
"I had so much fun reading THE PINT MAN. Rushin can do more tricks with words than Houdini with locks. There's nobody in America like him. I would put him up against Ogden Nash-and spot Nash half the alphabet." --Rick Reilly, author of Who's Your Caddy? and the upcoming Sports From Hell
Praise for The Pint Man: "An exceedingly enjoyable first novel…it's Rushin's narrative voice, guileless, digressive, and ribald, riddled with wordplay and trivia, that makes this such a pleasure…great company for an evening, with or without a pint at your elbow."--Booklist


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